Auto Injury

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Description & Symptoms

A car crash is one of the most stressful situations you can experience, even if you don’t suffer from any major injuries. Damage to your joints, ligaments and muscles can appear as symptoms days or even weeks after the event, so it’s never safe to assume you’re completely injury-free without professional advice.


The most common injury in auto accidents is whiplash, which can even occur in low-impact car crashes, even those as slow as 3 miles per hour. With whiplash, your head bends backward, the snaps forward quickly, hyperextending on both ends. Whiplash can a cause sore or stiff neck, as well as shoulder pain, dizziness, headache and reduced range of motion. Whiplash can also extend to other parts of the body causing back problems, ligament trouble and problems with spinal discs. You may have whiplash and not even realize it, thinking you’re just naturally feeling sore and achy after an accident.


The appropriate treatment for whiplash and other auto accident injuries varies from patient to patient. After an examination and consultation, our doctor will create a series of treatments that are right for your body and your injuries. Some treatments include muscle relaxation, spinal manipulation, exercises done both in office and at home and lifestyle and/or ergonomic changes.

The first step in healing from an auto accident is to call our office to make an appointment, even if you’re not suffering from symptoms right away. Our team will begin your care by giving you a complete examination, including spinal x-ray, to determine what injuries or damage has been done.

*This treatment should not be taken as medical advice, and you should consult a chiropractor for evaluation before treatment begins.

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